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AI-powered conversations in VR

The new way to train soft skills to help employees master communication and improve your workplace

Increase productivity

Teams that interact better together get more done.

Gain new skills

Employees increase focus, patience, and flow so they can learn and retain more.

Reduce turnover

Become the greener pasture. Keep your best employees where they belong—with you.

Improve culture

Create a better environment and become the place that everyone wants to work at.

Harness the power of AI and VR

With AI, the conversations are personalized for the individual – their personality, their learning style, and how they have interacted with ZenBe in previous quests (games) and recommendations for future quests. Complete immersion (VR) keeps them stay on task while being fully focused. Each quest is expected to last about 10 minutes.

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Improve employee engagement

Low employee engagement costs companies $450-$500 billion a year. Employee engagement not only improves morale in the workplace, it improves profits. Engaged employees outperform their non-engaged peers, and companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable.

Reduce employee turnover

U.S. companies spend $1 billion annually looking for replacement workers and 73% of employees are considering leaving their jobs. Employees cite poor management, lack of growth and motivation, and ineffective communication as reasons to move on, so our VR training addresses all of those factors.

Improve interpersonal skills

Research has shown that job success and satisfaction are based on 15% hard skills and 85% soft skills. And 80% of people are terminated because of a lack of soft skills. That’s why ZenBe focuses on interpersonal skills with its VR training.

Prepare for the real world in VR

ZenBe lets you train for real-life situations in ways that are faster, more efficient, and less harmful than learning from mistakes in the real world. Employees get to work in a safe environment and repeat lessons as much as they need to.

Build a high-performing organization

Happier employees who stay at company longer and interact with their colleagues more productively lead to a higher performing organization. Laying the foundation with VR training can lead to an ROI for years to come.

ZenBe is AI + VR training to improve the work place

What we do

We build customized AI + VR training programs that solve your company’s specific challenges. We can help employees improve communication, motivation, self-awareness, personal relationships, and more.

Who we help

ZenBe’s AI + VR training helps anyone from frontline employees to CEOs. We work across industries and in both public and private sectors.

How it works

Our AI + VR training modules incorporate games, story, and quests to keep individuals engaged as they learn. Employees practice how to listen to co-workers, read body language, and understand voice and tone to guide their conversations.

Why it works

We offer lifelike simulations that give employees the freedom to improve skills in a safe, non-judgemental environment where they won’t feel embarrassed—or bored. AI + VR training is fun and engaging, and repeatable.

Soft skills training by the numbers


ROI in 8 months


Long-term success based on mastery of soft skills


Increase in revenue with good company culture


Employees would work harder if appreciated


People terminated for lack of soft skills


Businesses use VR/AR for training


Employees asked for more training in VR


Retention rate in VR, beating out AV, lectures, and reading

Joan WylyVice President, Operations

Interesting way of training employees at their speed. A big step. I think you are really onto something.

Kay WhitehurstL&D Corporate Technology

I see where you are going and I like it. I would recommend it to leadership.

Josh DunneL&D Program Manager

Really engaging. If done correctly, it has the potential to stick with learners.

Joan WylyVice President, Operations

Soft skills are the hard skills of the future. I could see this really valuable for our team.

Kay WhitehurstL&D Corporate Technology

I feel like this is where we are going for L&D as an industry.

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